About Us

CARESFUL is an optical company, agent of many brands such as Minima, Kappa, Mercan and EFOROPTIK in Qatar.
We are keen to provide high-quality products to Qatar and Gulf market.

Our Vision


    Luxuries are not superfluous things, they are essential today!
  • CARE

    We care about our customers, providing high-quality products is our mission.
  • BE THE #1

    We raise our brands and cover all the Qatar and Gulf market with strong marketing plans.

Why does the brand make us its agent?

Hack the market

We’re covering 90% of Qatar market and will target Gulf market.

Inbound Marketing

We have a specialist team, working on market the brands, professionally.
+10 years Of experience of optical market, so we develop well-targeted plans.

Sales & PR

We deal with many stores & groups. And we have sales team.